Saturday, 5 May 2012

Squeeks – Call Me Squeeko [Review]

Fresh off his OMA ‘Best Newcomer 2011’ nomination, Squeeks has dropped his highly anticipated third mixtape. The CMG affiliate was quickly becoming an established name in the UK’s urban scene in 2011 – with his unique voice, strong lyricism and style.

Prior to the release of ‘Call Me Squeeko,’ Squeeks dropped a ‘Daily Duppy’ for Grime Daily just before the release, a ‘Behind Barz’ for Link up TV in January as a reminder of what he’s capable of. Squeeks also made an appearance in a Tim Westwood ‘Crib Session’, which one of the veterans in the UK scene and leader of CMG Joe Black in and around the time ‘Call Me Squeeko’ dropped.

The mixtape begins with ‘riding in my car’ where Squeeks illustrates the life he lives with piercing lyricism and a range of flows - definitely likely to be a hood anthem in the near future.

The second track the North London artist grenades isn’t an original song but is deservedly reloaded 32 bars into the track which in itself indicates what he did to the track.

Listening to the mixtape, there is a strong vibe through out - that comes with the instrumental choices and Squeeks’ flows. ‘Call me Squeeko’ is definitely a CD to vive to, no matter the mood you are in due to the vast selection of styles he drops on it. In my eyes, he does attempt to appeal to both his male and female audiences – making the release well rounded.

If I were to be meticulous in finding anything that I did not like while I was listening to the CD, I would definitely have to be the way in which used the same flow and style as the artist that did the original song on the track he entitled ‘Big Squeeko.’ 

Islington’s Squeeks did this CD with a few samples and no features, considering that it’s 14 tracks long, that is definitely impressive and shows he’s definitely a strong lyricist with a lot of innovative ideas.

Tracks to look out for are as follows:

Riding In My Car
I Got You
My Scream

To conclude, ‘Call Me Squeeko’ is definitely one of my favourite mixtapes to come out this year. It is that because of the aura I feel while listening and the variety of songs it contains.


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