Sunday, 30 December 2012


DJ Spooky has dropped a belated Christmas present to his fans with this free download called The Super Zip which see's him offering 74 of his hardest tracks, remixes and instrumentals from the past few years with a lot of hard to find classics and exclusives making this an essential download.


  1. "H:\Music\Super Zip\52 96 Bars (Spooky Refix).mp3"
  2. "H:\Music\Super Zip\53 WTF Freestyle Part 1 (Prod. By Sp.mp3"
  3. "H:\Music\Super Zip\54 My Name's Kwam (Prod. By Spooky).mp3"
  4. "H:\Music\Super Zip\55 Boiling Point Freestye (Prod. By.mp3"
  5. "H:\Music\Super Zip\56 Fair Invasion Freestyle (Prod. By.mp3"
  6. "H:\Music\Super Zip\57 Straight Jacket Freestyle (Prod.B.mp3"
  7. "H:\Music\Super Zip\58 I Dont Give A Fuck (Prod. By Spoo.mp3"
  8. "H:\Music\Super Zip\59 Yo (Prod. By Spooky).mp3"
  9. "H:\Music\Super Zip\60 Spartan Freestyle (Prod. By Spook.mp3"
  10. "H:\Music\Super Zip\61 Go On (Prod. By Spooky).mp3"
  11. "H:\Music\Super Zip\62 Nicole's Groove (Spooky's Remix).mp3"
  12. "H:\Music\Super Zip\63 Rain Drops (Spooky's Remix).mp3"
  13. "H:\Music\Super Zip\64 UFO Mode (Spooky's Refix).mp3"
  14. "H:\Music\Super Zip\65 Bad Boy (Spooky Remix).mp3"
  15. "H:\Music\Super Zip\66 Mucktion (Spooky's Refix).mp3"
  16. "H:\Music\Super Zip\67 Woooo Mi A Yardie (DJ Cripster Ma.mp3"
  17. "H:\Music\Super Zip\68 Born Invincible (Spooky's 'Born A.mp3"
  18. "H:\Music\Super Zip\69 Cheque 1-2 (Spooky's Remix).mp3"
  19. "H:\Music\Super Zip\70 House Party (Spooky's Remix).mp3"
  20. "H:\Music\Super Zip\71 Utter Madnezz Freestyle (Prod. By.mp3"
  21. "H:\Music\Super Zip\72 Eskimo (Spooky Remix).mp3"
  22. "H:\Music\Super Zip\73 Ice Cream Man (Spooky Refix).mp3"
  23. "H:\Music\Super Zip\74 Step 16 (Prod. By Spooky & Masro).mp3"
  24. "H:\Music\Super Zip\01 Amira Refix.mp3"
  25. "H:\Music\Super Zip\02 Bank Holiday.mp3"
  26. "H:\Music\Super Zip\03 Bashment Woooo.mp3"
  27. "H:\Music\Super Zip\04 Boiling Point Riddim.mp3"
  28. "H:\Music\Super Zip\05 Bounce vs Hoe.mp3"
  29. "H:\Music\Super Zip\06 Candy Floss.mp3"
  30. "H:\Music\Super Zip\07 Carnival Hype.mp3"
  31. "H:\Music\Super Zip\08 Curry Chips (Danny B-Line Remix).mp3"
  32. "H:\Music\Super Zip\09 Fatal Attraction.mp3"
  33. "H:\Music\Super Zip\10 Half Asleep.mp3"
  34. "H:\Music\Super Zip\11 Hopeless.mp3"
  35. "H:\Music\Super Zip\12 I Need A Girl Refix.mp3"
  36. "H:\Music\Super Zip\13 Jazz Style R.I.P.mp3"
  37. "H:\Music\Super Zip\14 Lion's Roar.mp3"
  38. "H:\Music\Super Zip\15 Locked Up.mp3"
  39. "H:\Music\Super Zip\16 The Lowdown.mp3"
  40. "H:\Music\Super Zip\17 Megahertz.mp3"
  41. "H:\Music\Super Zip\18 Megahertz (John Halifax Remix).mp3"
  42. "H:\Music\Super Zip\19 Moondance.mp3"
  43. "H:\Music\Super Zip\20 Retro Arcade Riddim.mp3"
  44. "H:\Music\Super Zip\21 Rotten Roses.mp3"
  45. "H:\Music\Super Zip\22 Spartan (Terror Danjah Remix).mp3"
  46. "H:\Music\Super Zip\23 Spartan (D.O.K Remix).mp3"
  47. "H:\Music\Super Zip\24 Spartan (Neon Beats Remix).mp3"
  48. "H:\Music\Super Zip\25 Spartan (Preditah Remix).mp3"
  49. "H:\Music\Super Zip\26 Spider Web.mp3"
  50. "H:\Music\Super Zip\27 String Out.mp3"
  51. "H:\Music\Super Zip\28 Talking The Hardest R.I.P.mp3"
  52. "H:\Music\Super Zip\29 Top 3 Selected Remix (wud's Refix.mp3"
  53. "H:\Music\Super Zip\30 Trigger Happy.mp3"
  54. "H:\Music\Super Zip\31 Tropical Fruit Punch.mp3"
  55. "H:\Music\Super Zip\32 Tumble Dryer.mp3"
  56. "H:\Music\Super Zip\33 Turkish Delight.mp3"
  57. "H:\Music\Super Zip\34 Violate.mp3"
  58. "H:\Music\Super Zip\35 Violent Killa.mp3"
  59. "H:\Music\Super Zip\36 Waiting Riddim.mp3"
  60. "H:\Music\Super Zip\37 Yardie Ryder.mp3"
  61. "H:\Music\Super Zip\38 OGeezus.mp3"
  62. "H:\Music\Super Zip\39 My Final Freestyle V.I.P.mp3"
  63. "H:\Music\Super Zip\40 Lyrical Shoot-Out (Prod. By Spook.mp3"
  64. "H:\Music\Super Zip\41 Guy Like You (Prod. By Spooky).mp3"
  65. "H:\Music\Super Zip\42 La La La (Spooky's Remix).mp3"
  66. "H:\Music\Super Zip\43 Blood (Spooky's Refix).mp3"
  67. "H:\Music\Super Zip\44 Sweet Shop (Spooky's Sugar Overdo.mp3"
  68. "H:\Music\Super Zip\45 Nasty Nasty Nasty (Spooky's Remix.mp3"
  69. "H:\Music\Super Zip\46 Prang Man (Spooky Refix).mp3"
  70. "H:\Music\Super Zip\47 Shut Down Raves (Spooky's Remix).mp3"
  71. "H:\Music\Super Zip\48 Fusion (Spooky's 2006 Refix #2).mp3"
  72. "H:\Music\Super Zip\49 Lord Of The Mics (Spooky's Mix).mp3"
  73. "H:\Music\Super Zip\50 Murking (Spooky's Remix).mp3"
  74. "H:\Music\Super Zip\51 Murking (Spooky's Dub).mp3"


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  1. Canada/Scarcity/TDOT Luvs this shit, Biggup from across the pond!