Friday, 29 August 2014

Merky Ace & TKO - Spitstop Freestyle [Video]

Family Tree representatives Merky Ace and TKO get things popping with some hard bars in this Spitstop freestyle.

Big Narstie - Eastenders Update "Patrick Pissed On Himself" [Video]

Big Narstie gives us an update on the goings on in Eastenders as well as Patrick pissing on himself and more.
Look out for new episodes of Uncle Pain coming soon.

Lady Chann Vlog 2 (Biggest Fan, New Music, Swimming, Captain Diddy) [Video]

Here is Lady Chann's latest video log with her meeting up with one of her biggest fans Michael who I got to interview her (he tried) as well as meeting up with the BEST Security guard in the world & more.

Meridian Dan - One Two Drinks [Music Video]

Meridian Dan follows up his smash hit German Whip with another club banger One Two Drinks which see's him looking at life on the dance floor from a different angle.
Be sure to support this when it is released.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dullah Beatz "I'm Not Showing My Face Anymore!" [Video]

Producer Dullah Beatz discusses why he will no longer be showing his face as well as what he has been up and what projects to look out for including his Grime meets Rock project, The producer war and more. Plus the South London based Grime producer also lets us know where you can catch him on the decks and how to get music to him.

Big Narstie - The King L Challenge (Fuck The Ice Bucket Challenge) [Video]

Everyone's been asking Big Narstie to film an Ice Bucket Challenge but Big Narstie said Fuck that and has come up with his own challenge for charity 'The King L Challenge' which see's people smoking a King L spliff in 5 minutes or pay money to charity.

The BEST Security Guard EVER "I'm Not Going To Have A Job After This!"

While filming Lady Chann's vlog we met Captain Diddy who is the best security guard ever and THE REAL BOSS! Instagram : Captain_Diddy
Look out for Lady Chann's Vlog coming soon.

Corleone - Stay Sho!/Checkmate ft Big Chess [Music Video]

Rising star of the UK Rap game and GB records representative Corleone is back with 2 videos in one Stay Sho/Checkmate with the latter featuring Big Chess and both tracks are taken from the Trap Gods d├ębut release The GodFather which is out now and available from Itunes.

Elijah & Skilliam + Newham Generals, P Money & Flowdan at Notting Hill Carnival 2014 [Audio]

Elijah & Skilliam were joined by the Newham Generals, P Money and Flowdan for their Notting Hill carnival Set and it is a madness!!

Kano ft. JME - Flow Of The Year [Music Video]

Here is the visual to Kano and JME's track Flow Of The Year which see's Kano making a return to the Grime scene with JME on the hook and also production duties.