Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Review - Big Chess - Slap a Snitch mixtape

Big Chess's mixtape S.A.S - Slap a snitch has created a street buzz for the Peckham,South London representative whom entered the public eye on the back of a war of words with a English Frank which was a very risky step for Big Chess to make so early on in his career as it could have led to him being seen as a hater or an MC who is  only worthy of attention when he's beefing and can't make music.
Fortunately  that's not the case here as  Big Chess proves with this mixtape.
Slap a snitch is filled with tales from the South London streets,The highs and Lows of Street Life,forgotten street morals and a good dose of reality as Big Chess keeps it thorough on tracks such as Adidas Music, S.A.S slap a snitch,Just Corn dem
("Modern day Moses,with a Big stick,Imma turn a boy red when I push this")
There are a few lessons for the youngster as well as moments of insight into his life such as My Strife feat Kara Leiana & How's my life  But its his Brash arrogance on tracks such as 'P.M.S - Peckham man soldiers'and 'Needs No introduction' That work best on this mixtape with Chess dropping some classic lines  like
("I'm sick and tired of this UK Rap, everybodys talking Gwop,but I ain't seeing a lot,and everybody's got weight,If you got it like that come shot me a box mate")
Slap a snitch for all its higs does suffer from a few lows, for one the host Samzy Actor is highly annoying and should have been replaced by Mykal Million,Dice or Big Ryde.The other problem is Big Chess has a slight tendancy to drop the occasional uninspired rhyme as well as average performances on a few tracks.
That said for a debut mixtape from a relative new comer this mixtape bangs in all the right places as well as stands head and shoulders above a lot of the rubbish floating around from a lot of these inexperienced MC's as there is an immediate authentic feel to his music unlike many of the others.
Slap a snitch is a good entrance to the UK Rap game and should hopefully lead to more from the Black Gang Ryder.


[Click here to Download Big Chess - Slap a snitch - Mixtape]

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  1. bib big big say know more, keep it up fam..not to mention the sample jheeeeezzzz