Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Giggs - Str8 Murkin (Mixtape) [Free Download]

First things first this isn't a comeback as regardless of who has come and gone in UK Rap Giggs is one of the few artists to solidly maintain his position with the fans as well as fellow Rapper and here is the STR8 MURKIN mixtape which see's the Peckham & SN1 representative take things back to the streets with a handful of some of the hardest freestyles and remixes i have heard in a while with Giggs reminding the fans why he is number one at this street shit.

collaborations as usual with Giggs are never forced and we have Kano, Kyze, Skrapz. Suspect, Buck OTB and more attacking some stellar street beats from Mr Virgo, Urban Monk, Pablo Productions and Boom productions among others who all bring that good old gutter sound which always works well for Giggs laid back and aggressive flow.

It's actually wrong to say there are any stand out tracks on this mixtape as the whole tape bangs like a set of African drums from the beginning to end making it another solid addition to Giggs past classic mixtapes.


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