Thursday, 21 August 2014

Everything You Need To Know About The 2014 Notting Hill Carnival [Written By Aimzy K]

Carnival is coming!!
  The vibe is like nothing else, which is why you will hear everyone hyping about it all year.
The whole event is two days of seeking out the best floats and stages, picking up cans of Red Stripe and safe-spudding all the familiar faces. That almost rhymed, so you KNOW I’m excited!

  Aside from the flowing rum, nothing says Notting Hill like a multicultural mix of people coming together to celebrate life with good music and a box of curry goat. And obviously when gyal wine and wuk up our waist too. In fact, the only downside to Carnival is paying a Pound to pee in a stranger’s house - last year this inflated to two whole English Pounds, so it’s safe to say the street urination levels are going to be at an all time high. Girl’s, ensure you have a mate look out for nosey drunk men and, obviously, the police. Or if you are lucky like me, you will have at least 2 friends that you will force to take you to their house so you can have shots with their mum and relieve yourself.

  Even smelling of BBQ smoke and going home with those classic bruises (my blog is making me sound like an abuse victim, but I swear its all life enjoyment scars) is all worth it for two of the best days of the year.

  Set to be highlights are Boxfresh’s event with Rinse FM on the Sunday, and Toddla T’s stage over by Kensal Road on the Monday. Pree Instagram for who will be about.

  As ever the pre-parties will be paaaaaappin - that means more ‘popping’ than usual yeah.
Open up your diary now because it pretty much starts this Thursday at Visions Video Bar in East, which see’s the likes of Spooky, Spyro, Footsie and D Double E plus more.
  Then Friday Good ole’ Carny fave Ms Dynamite will be performing in Kensal Rise, with even more Grime over at Birthdays from Flava D, along with Terror Danjah for your heavy Jungle fix (the after-party lineup here sounds sick too).
  Saturday is a mad one, with Hot Wuk Truck Party at KoKo providing a tropical delight of a float up inna di club, and even closer to home Paradise is hosting an event at Notting Hill Arts club blasting warm up tunes from Mo Fingaz and Kiss FM’s DJ MK. I can’t wait for this as we’ve been promised a special party set to remember! And it’s free on guestlist! This will be perfect if you plan to stagger to Carnival the next day. Just try not to scare the kids.

  Wait! I’m still not done! Female Takeover in Camden will be showcasing female MC’s (YAY), including the likes of Ms Banks and Bow Promise on Tuesday 26th, so pick yourself up from your hangover and make effort for the ladies.
  As always there will be tons of men ready to charm. My favourite lines to date are ‘Do you have BB’ and ‘Are you on o2 babes?’.

  Let us remember that we are celebrating a wealth of culture, and this alone should be the source of the love and energy that surrounds us all this bank holiday.

P.S don’t wear open toe shoes, no one needs that kind of negativity.

Written by Aimzy K (She once drank 2 magnums and pushed a carnival float around for 2 hours on her own!)

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