Friday, 1 August 2014

Bubbling At Big Narstie's #BDL Pre-Tour Party [Written by Aimzy K]

You'll be pleased to know that my gun fingers have made a full recovery after Lovebox, so I'm, going to take a moment for the ladies that do it big; Lady Leshurr, Ms Banks and C Cane repped it haaaaard for the females last night, getting the crowd shouting louder than even some of the more established artists! Far from holla-back girls, they shone as individuals, with Lady Lesh spitting her Shurraq freestyle - it was a proud moment to be amongst a group of women watching top girls spraying talent all over the place.

    The build up to Narstie continued with Shizz and Discarda forcing the crowd into hype mode, along with West Londoner (brap) Scrufizzer's super sharp flow.
I have to mention President T for his TV satellite stance, and Gino (no no no - thanks for getting that stuck in my head) who also heightened the atmosphere. 

   If you still don't feel pissed that you missed it then hollup hollup hollup...

   Time for me to get seriouusssss....JME did what JME does best: comes to a rave and shuts it down. Even the buzz in the crowd was taken to a different level of adoration, but the golf playing vegan kept it straight Grime, previewing new bars as well as classics. 

   Now for the BDL heads.
A smashing combo of Big Narstie and Flirta D was what we were waiting for to top off the night and there were no disappointments, just a ton of bangers both old and new - and even a cheeky appearance from Angry Shopkeeper! Lordie had to throw me a face towel so need I say more? #Sweat #Base #YouFuckedUpIfYouMissedOut

   A personal shout out to the super fan in the red tshirt who got chucked out after buying a base pen. The front of stage just wasn't the same without you. 

   Hello high to everyone who showed love, keep your eyes peeled for footage to come.

Written by AimzyK [@AimzyK] aka Junior Samsung ON her Samsung on the night bus at 5.36am #Pain

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