Saturday, 12 April 2014

5 reasons why everyone needs to support Meridian Dan's 'German Whip'

With Meridian Dan's club banger German Whip doing the business on dancefloors and on radio around the nation it is the tracks release date tonight and here are 5 reasons why we all need to get behind the release.

1.We need authentic UK tracks to start and continue to chart in the UK

 How long are we supposed to put up with all this 1 Direction & Katy Perry bullshit which we are bombarded with on the radio and 'German Whip' doing well will serve as proof that keeping it real actually works as opposed to completely selling out as many artists have been forced to do in the past.

2.'German Whip' is actually a good song

Compared to all of the fake Chiraq and Chief Keef or fake Drake copycat music which is obliterating the internet at the moment German Whip is a definite breath of fresh air and as bangers go it bangs a lot harder than these second rate Rick Ross imitations.

3.Record Labels in the UK are paying close attention

The success of German Whip will affect the whole UK Urban scene as a whole with Labels being the original band wagon gang and I guarantee they will be holding meetings with more UK & Grime artists off the back of this as track doing well and that's not a bad thing.
Dans success is your success.

4.The single is less than a pound.

A lot of you music fans are actually tramps who will pay £50.00 to see Drake or ASAP Rocky but have a hard time supporting UK acts who are doing their thing and who you are also a 'Fan' of.
It's not by force that anyone supports anyone's release but it is essential to support what's yours!

5.Meridian Dan is a genuinely nice guy

Within the Grime scene and music industry its practically impossible to find anyone who has a bad word to say about the Bloodline representative and it has to be said that he is one of the most humble and laid back guys you will meet so get supporting!!

German Whip is released tonight on i-tunes.

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  1. 6. Big H drives a French Whip; the proceeds could help him become an honest man by the purchase of a German one.