Friday, 23 November 2012

K Koke vs Dappy (Koke Pars Dappy On Twitter) [News]

Dappy from N-Dubz tried to solicit a link up for a track with USG and Rocnation recording Artist K Koke on Twitter telling Him to Holla, only to be told No by K Koke whom responded with the Hash tag #KokeWillNotHoller

Dappy later tried to rectify the damage by sending another tweet which also backfired with K Koke once again replying to Him.

Here's what a few of the fans had to say on Twitter.

With Dappy known for being a wildman, hothead and recently dissing everyone from Scorcher to Simon Cowell on His tracks Tarzan and Tarzan 2 can we expect Dappy to send for K Koke? 
Either way big up K Koke for showing His integrity not only as an Artist but as a MAN, which is something a lot of desperate Artists need to learn from.

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