Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Group Of Cheshire Police Officers Knock Out 16 Year Old Girl In Tesco Car Park [Video]

[Video courtesy of  Youtube.com/NoName]

The 16 year old girl in the video is called Charlotte Clare, she was knocked unconscious by the police as 4-5 officers jumped on her and smashed her head against the pavement.

The police tried to block my view of the incident and banned me from the area for no apparent reason. A man visiting Tesco shopping stood and watched shouting "show me your number, i want your number and encouraged me to carry on recording the incident", no officers surrendered there numbers, as i was recording a police officer ordered me back even though i was on the other side
of the railing, a policewomen then raises her arm to further block the view of this act of police brutality. I then get forced back 3 times by police as can be seen in the video, as one plain clothes officer chases me and offers no reason for doing so.

It shall be interesting whether the police decide to charge
the girl with anything... Which they wont because she was entirely innocent. As you can see from the video that is clearly not "reasonable force" and the police are clearly outnumbering and behaving in a extremely aggressive manner. Quite honestly this shows the real side to the police that night, not as the chesterchronicle or Cheshire police would like you to believe...


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