Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mike GLC - Remember Me .2 (Rightful King) Mixtape [Free Download]

Mike GLC is back with a new mixtape Remember Me .2 (Rightful King) which is another solid body of work and a thorough slice of UK Rap music minus the bullshit with Mike collaborating with some of the scenes hottest street lyricists including Meridian Dan, Big H, Big Narstie, Young Spray, English Frank, Scorcher, Paper Pabs and many more with the collabs all bringing an authentic feeling.

Mike GLC is an artist known to use music as therapy which lets his listeners in on his life wheter its the good bad or ugly and this mixtape is no different with Mike really not holding back in revealing his feelings on a multitude of things including the now infamous trial on the compelling Little Sister but that's not where it ends with Mike delivering some heartfelt social commentary as well as his views on the fucked up state the UK rap has gone in making this a project any real UK Rap fan will enjoy.

Click HERE to download Mike GLC - Rememberer Me.2 Mixtape 

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