Monday, 28 July 2014

The BDL Pre Tour Party & Why You Need To Be There [Written by Aimzy K]

We’ve all had those nights out where the music wasn’t really inspiring our best moves, and
you go home wondering why you didn’t stay at home with a cuppa watching American Dad.

   This will NOT be one of those nights.

   The Base Defense League pre tour party has the best line up a flyer has seen in years - a Big Narstie mirror image and the Union Jack are on it for gods sake!
Because of this, you need to get yourself down to Camden on Wednesday, as if big names like JME and Lady Leshurr won’t pull you in, then the promise of Cameo and Sir Spyro bringing hot DJ heat should. I haven’t even begun to mention the other Grime favourites from around the UK.

   To get you in the mood you can have a listen to the main man himself by coppin “Whats the story? Brixton Glory’, and I strongly advise you get your Uncle Pain fix here.

   So, I have made a list of common excuses and will attempt- and succeed - in helping you to understand why this will be a good night for your soul;

1)  ‘I have work the next day’ - The next day is Thursday, you are able to bang out a few hours at work and then go home to sleep. The day after that is Friday, you can sleep all weekend if you desire.
2)  ‘It’s too far man’ - Nothing in London is unreachable by the mighty night bus, but if you aren’t tempted by the puke laden floors, then all hail Uber Cab. You’d only spend that 20 quid on food right? Time to make a packed lunch.
3)  ‘I’m not into Grime’ - If you have been alive for longer than 18 years (which is the legal requirement to get into the club, so you should be) then you need to snap out of this and realise that you ARE Grime.
4)  ‘I’m on tag’ - Fair enough, we don’t ever condone breaking the law. Base Pen what now?

   Bring your energy in the form of a base laced baggy tee, and something comfy for your feet - leave the pain in your German Whip (yup, he’s coming too). See what I did there? That’s exactly how much fun it’s going to be.

Written by Aimzy K [@AimzyK] aka Junior Samsung (Legend has it Aimzy told Chief Keef to grow dreads & try rapping)

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