Friday, 25 July 2014

A Hot Day In Birmingham With Invasion Alert, DJ Big Mikee & Grimmy [Written by Aimzy K]

If you haven’t been on a night out in Birmingham, then why not?
   Ahead of big names such as Maxta and Sox performing at the ILuvLive event, we took a trip up to Brum to witness the rapid growth of the Grime scene in a relatively small area.


   Hooking up with Invasion Alert, JayKae took us through a Five Pound Munch that came to...well I can’t ruin it if you haven’t already watched!
   We also spoke to the lads about music and Lord Of The Mic clashes (hold tite the preeing mandem, you might feel abit sore after you see what they had to say), as well as more serious topics like Gaza (Free Palestine) and ‘Lyfe’ in Birmingham.
It has to be said, the solidarity for each other and the wider community is there in ways that we don’t see much of in London anymore. This may be something to think about, especially as Grimmy (who turned up with legend DJ Big Mikee) believes that Grime in London is dead. Not a call to war, Londoner’s should see this as encouragement to go harder as we see a younger Grime scene overtake us in passion, if not talent. Stop being boring London!

[DJ Big Mikee]

   Just for good measure, and because we like a laugh, we had to ask about THE trainer of Brum - of which there are tons of brands the lads wouldn’t be seen dead in, and unfortunately for me this included ‘Vans’. Won’t be wearing those on a Midlands trip anytime soon...
   Less A$VP dresses and skinny jeans were also the order of the day.
Always a difficult one, we pressed for answers on the top 3 hottest chicks in the UK. Dapz On The Map mentioned Beyonce. Erm...It was hot like Miami so we will let that one slide.

[Dapz On The Map]

   As the day went on, member by member, the boys slipped in from the rooftop we were chilling on to jam in the studio, proving that time waits for no man when there’s work to be done.
   We took this opportunity to film a Five Pound Munch with Big Mikee, which was particularly special to him as he was back in his old bits as he got to discover the magic that is Chewits Xtreme AKA Molly. Man doesn’t stray from Walkers either fyi.


   Then Grimmy made FPM history by finding a suspect product...check back for the drop at 12.30pm tomorrow!


   No matter your views on this area and that area (we ain’t tryna start a turf war here guys!), Birmingham have produced some amazing artists within the Grime scene, with lots of future projects in the pipeline. We’ll be paying a visit again soon, and we suggest you do too. If not for the music, then for the Five Guys with practically NO queue.

 Written by Aimzy K aka Junior Samsung @AimzyK

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