Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wiley - Ya Dun Know Vol. 1 Mixtape [Free Download]

Not 100% sure where this has come from but don't be stupid just click Here to get a free download of Wiley's latest mixtape Ya Dun Know Vol.1 as once again Wiley brings you Grime at its BEST!
Long live the King of the Eski Sound.


  1. 1 Step Further Ft. Ghetts, Ice Kid & Devlin
  2. And Again Ft God’s Gift
  3. Bud light Ft. Trey Mission, Manga, Tommy Spitz & Saskilla
  4. 1 Double 9-4
  5. Eskimo Dance 8 Bar (Freeza Chin Edit)
  6. Flying (feat. J2K, Double-S, Maxsta & Chip) [Remix]
  7. Back Home Freestyle
  8. BMO Freestyle
  9. CN Tower Freestyle
  10. I Was Born In The Cold
  11. Ice Rink Rough
  12. SMH Ft. Saskilla, Tre Mission, Manga & Tommy Spitz
  13. This Place
  14. Shotta Freestyle Ft. Tre Mission, Manga, Wiley, Tommy Spitz & Saskilla
  15. CN Tower Freestyle 2 [Freeza Chin Mix]
  16. Fuck It
  17. Wiley spits on Terrible 15 yrs later
  18. Fresh Flowers
  19. I Wish

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