Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lethal Bizzle "Dappy Is A Bankrupt, I.Q Of A Squirrel Monkey, Crackhead" [Beef]

Lethal Bizzle responds to Dappy dissing him on Celebrity Big Brother where the N-Dubz member called him "A wasteman who has never had a Top 50 hit" with Lethal Bizzle taking to Twitter where he fired back at Dappy declaring "Dappy is only in the Celebrity Big Brother house because of Me" and announcing he is going to drop 'Tarzan Your Mum 2' (Dappy Diss) among other things.

Was Dappy wrong to diss Lethal Bizzle in the CBB House?
Are you looking forward to Lethal Bizzle's 'Tarzan Your Mum 2' (Dappy Diss)
What exactly is a Squrrel Monkey?

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