Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dot Rotten - Wasted Time (Dissing Krept & Konan) [2014]

Dot Rotten starts off with this Krept & Konan diss Wasted Time which is a remix of the Krept & Konan track Don't Waste My Time and there have been some heated exchanges on Twitter between Krept & Konan, Dot Rotten & and Yungen so look out for more on this as it happens, My guess is Yungen will step up with a diss track for Dot Rotten first.

There doesn't seem to be any cataliyst for this beef apart from the fact that Dot Rotten seem's a bit salty about Krept & Konan's recent success where as his recent projects have flopped and the Minarmy movement seem's to have lost steam so really this has a lot to do with getting attention before the release of his next project.

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  1. that was good better than the original