Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Dappy Exposed - Ex-girlfriend speaks out: “He hasn’t seen his kids for two months” [News]

With Dappy locked up in the Big Brother house, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two sons has decided to speak out about the real Dappy.
Kaye Vassell, 23, claims that Dappy hasn’t seen either of his two children – Gino, four, and Milo, three – for two months, and that he didn’t even send them any Christmas presents this year.
“He hasn’t seen them for two months,” Kaye tells The Sun today. “He didn’t call at Christmas or send any presents. I found out that he claimed it was because he couldn’t fit all the presents in the car. But why not just bring a few presents? They boys just wanted their dad.
“Same on New Year – no call before he went in the Big Brother house. It’s been hard,” Kaye says.
The mum of two also has a message for Jasmine Waltz – who’s been getting very flirty with the N-Dubz star.
“I’d warn Jasmine to think twice before getting with Dappy. He’s fun and crazy to be around, but he has a dark side people should know about.”
It’s just a shame for Jasmine that the housemates are totally cut off from the outside world. 

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