Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Barber Killed Over A Pair Of Yeezys (News) [Trainer Game]

"Jose Mendoza was a 20 year old well known Barber in the Berwyn community. On the night of New Year's Eve Jose's life was unexpectedly taken in a violent manner without notice. Jose who has been cutting hair since the age of 14 and died over a sneaker sale. He was attempting to buy a pair of $1,800 Nike Yeezys outside the Barbershop where he worked. His family is trying to cope with the tragedy while at the same time trying to set up a well enough Memorial for him. Jose, a young dedicated Barber who was currently attending barber school to further his career, was working hard to help support his family with daily expenses and bills. Being the youngest Brother he took on great responsibilities and gave as much as he could for his family's needs. This devastating tragedy has everyone puzzled and still in shock."

This is another sad and messed up story which lets us once again know that the world is fucked up with everyones obsession with material things taking the place of common sense and compassion and for those of you thinking "oh its America whats that got to do with us?" remember that teenager that blew the Turkish womans head off in North London for £200 which he spent on a fake Gucci hat!

[Source BSC]


  1. This is really a sad event. I'm totally upset by hearing this event. I think cope should try to investigate more to find out the real reasons of that murder of barber. Okay.