Thursday, 26 December 2013

Youngs Teflon – Best of Tef Vol.1 Mixtape [Free Download]

South London's Youngs Teflon is one of the UK's few thoroughly respected and highly rated street lyricists (by Rap fans and his peers in the industry) and it has been that way for years, forget all these 'hurry come up' and 'latest Rapper of the week' guys who come and go every 5 minuets with this 50 track mixtape Best Of Tef Vol.1 showing Youngs Teflon's longevity which is something only a few UK Rappers have managed to attain.

Best Of Tef Vol.1 is a good reminder of Youngs Teflon's progress over the years as well as a good way for his fan's to finally have all of his most classic verses and tracks all in one place making this an Essential Download for any lover of UK Rap as well as something many of the new UK Rappers need to study as they might learn a thing or two about staying relevant through quality and consistent lyricism instead of copying trends (which come as fast as they GO!)

Click Here to download - Youngs Teflon Best Of Tef Vol. 1.

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