Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Naf Skrilla - Doely - Mixtape [Free download]

Anyone who knows any thing about UK Rap music will tell you that North West London's Naf Skrilla was among the first real certified street artists to really make a name for himself emerging around 2001 as the youngest member of the Stonebridge based Skrilla Kids collective and has seen many of the scenes biggest artists come and go while he has consistently released street bangers and embodies cult classic status while many best sellers fall off hard.
Lets skip to 2013 and Naf Skrilla has just released the much anticipated mixtape Doely which is available for free download and see's him offering up 22 original and mixtape tracks with Naf covering a wide range of subjects and topics showcasing his growth as an artist and this shines through on many of the tracks and is especially evident on tracks such as Slow Down, Take my time, In the Building, I can't wait, Street Life and Heard about me serving as some of the best examples of what Naf Skrilla brings to the table which is authentic Street tales laced with an unbridled confidence and a large dose of the raw uncut truth (not forgetting Naf's bashful arrogance which is all the way turned up on this one!)
Doely is a mixtape which will definitely hold down the streets for a minute and also brings back some of the authenticity this game has been missing out on.

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