Wednesday, 30 November 2011


South East London's Mynature has dropped what promises to be a landmark in UK Rap as the rising Star drops his debut mixtape The Beginning which is available for free download Here.
This is a definite download for any fan of real Road rap as you should have noticed by now from Mynatures videos from the past few months.


1. Niggas In Paris Remix
2. Pot of Gold Remix (Box of Crow)
3. Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay Remix (Middle Finger Up)
4. She Will Remix (Free)
5. Off The Books Remix
6. Work Out Remix
7. Martians vs Goblins Remix
8. Fast Lane Remix
9. Tell Me What You Want Remix
10. Welcome To The Jungle Remix
11. Free Spirit Remix (They Aint Saying Nothing)
12. Calm Remix (The One)
13. Family Portrait Remix (No I Cant)
14. Sure Thing Remix (Bedroom)
15. We Gon Get This Money Remix

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