Saturday, 25 December 2010


I got to say a big shout to all the I Records for hooking me up with exclusive 10 minute intensive hardbodied UK Rap freestyle session featuring Don Strapzy,Young Mad B,Stainer,Carnage and Zion who all go in with some extremely impressive bars which let you know why this year Strapzy,Young Mad B and Zion will be problems in the music industry as well as new comers Stainer and Carnage who are definitely talented and display this clearly.
Check out Young Mad B's newest release 'Only one me' available now on i tunes with its debut single being 'Supa guy' and Don Strazy aka Dru Blue with his latest release 'Blue Steel' both are top quality offerings from two of UK Raps brightest talents and 2011 should see both step to the next level as they both have what it takes as you can tell by this freestyle.

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