Tuesday, 3 August 2010


As a producer Zdot is a name which has been ringing bells for a minute and has been a regular fixture with many of the  Rinse FM Djs as well as a few big production placements on projects with Ghetts,Devlin,Doller Da Dustman,OT Crew and a few more,but that's just the beginning as he has just dropped his debut mixtape 'Route to Success' and boy is it a problem.
Comprised entirely of his own darkly melodic and well constructed  productions and featuring some of the hottest Grime MCs in the game such as Ghetts,Wariko,Wrigley,Dogzilla,Killa.P,Shizzle,Badness,Trigger,Doller Da Dustman and more as well as instrumentals a few MCs have been dying to get on including 'Hard to Kill' and 'Me and Z'.
Tracks to look out for are 'Push  to the Edge','Grime Daily(hype version)','Zilla man' and Dudus which finds the Zman Smash it with a Sick Ragga instrumental which Badness,Killa.P and Shizzle absolutely destroy!!
Download this Mixtape if you like you Grime Grimy!!!(THERE'S NOTHING MOIST ABOUT THIS!!!)
All in all an extremly well rounded mixtape with some extra hard production 8/10!!!

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