Tuesday 21 January 2014

What Happened in The Shower? Dappy & Luisa Zissman Steamy Shower Scene - CBB [Video]

"Look at those tits ,damn it ! " Luisa Zissman simulates A naked shower sex with Dappy and Celebrity Big Brother is even more corrupt

They caused a stir earlier this week with a game of truth or dare was a bit too far .

But Luisa Zissman and N- Dubz star Dappy well and truly ramped things up a notch in the episode of Saturday night of Celebrity Big Brother .
After Lionel Blair left the house after losing the public vote , the housemates got stuck in alcohol and enjoyed an impromptu party .
And with the apparent alcohol have effect on Luisa and Dappy , decided to entertain his housemates with some provocative action.

Sing a song about Luisa is a flirt in an apparent tribute to his former roommate Lionel , Dappy and Louise jumped in the pool and simulated sex .

Writhing around with Dappy strapped to his back, The Apprentice star does not seem to care who was watching as his teammates watched nervously.

Things got even steamier moments later , when the couple decided to warm your outdoor plunge with a hot shower .

Singing to himself and waving his manhood around under a towel, Dappy appeared the cat had has cream when Luisa naked out of the shower wet and motioned for him to join her.
Covering her breasts with hands, the mother - of - laughed mischievously as she invited the N -Dubz star to join her under the water.

Obviously pleased with what he saw a happy Dappy said : " Look at those tits , dammit ."
In the bedroom , the other housemates could hear the couple appears to spank each other while screaming with joy.

Ollie Locke said : "I worry that makes me bored not being involved I just do not understand how Dappy is so drunk ' . .

Back in the bathroom a breath Dappy in the shower commented : ' I would love to hurt you, turn around. "

Before adding : " I do not want me and you to be the first to have sex in the house. "

But he was given a bandage immediately by the object of his affection, with Luisa jokes saying ' . We're not going to have sex "

The loving couple then began to simulate sexual intercourse once again quite strongly, shouting for joy while the rest of the housemates played awkwardly .

Having the last word of the night as the duo returned to the bedroom to grope each fund , Ollie said : ' This is not normal . "

But his was not the only years obscene act of the night, with Linda Nolan also raised eyebrows when she revealed that she used to have sex with other men as her late husband Brian Hudson .

After Liz Jones revealed he had no sex until age 32, Louise said: ' Casey first orgasm was 22 , and never has a man's orgasm . '

To which Linda replied : 'Mine was 20 and my husband. I had lots of sex with other men , but my husband was always there. Believe Casey, then orgasm , I'm a Nolan, not a nun !

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