Wednesday 27 April 2011


If you think prostitutes like HOE G OG Niki with her reckless talk of sex tapes is a representation of Females in UK Rap and Grime music then your wrong!!
Shock tactics and not caring for the work previous females have done which made it possible for other females to even think about picking up the microphone in the first place especially as the UK Urban music scene is dominated by males and in all the hustle and bustle its easy to overlook the Female MC's and Artists who are creating some of the most exciting Projects,Tracks,Mixtapes and Albums having worked their hardest to be taken seriously in a scene which dictates that all females should sing or be seen as the token Female in the Crew or worse (OG Niki!!!)
With that said heres a Top Ten list of the Females who in my eyes are on their way to bigger pastures this year and  through nothing more than their talent hard work and ambition.
This is not an MTV base type of list based on Sales and favours from labels this is a list based on achievements in the Game so far as well as their current projects and Street Buzz surrounding their forthcoming releases.


No way can a list of UK Female MC's be started without mentioning the First Lady to really put down a Ladies touch on the UK Urban scene with Classic tracks like 'Boo' produced by Sticky, 'Envy' As featured on So Solids Album 'They don't know' as well as 'Ramp' and many more bangers.
Ms Dynamite also dropped a critically acclaimed Major Label debut album 'A little Deeper' Which although containing the tracks 'Ms Dynamite' and 'It takes More' contained slightly more Singing than was to be expected.
Still very much in demand for her MCing talent as is evident on the latest track from Katy B 'Lights On' which features a Hardcore Ragga style verse from Ms Dynamite and shows her Relevency and staying power are undeniable.


Nolay came into the game as one part of the now defunct Unorthodox Crew at the height of Channel U's (Now AKA) success in 2003 and with a scorching verse on the breakthrough track 'No Help,No handouts' as well as tracks like 'Unorthodox Daughter'and more. No lay quickly became known as one of the UK's most gifted Lyricists as well as possessing one of the most raw flows in the industry as well as an understanding of words and wordplay which is unmatched by many in the game.
Nolay really gets it popping each and every time she pick up a microphone having recorded some of the hardest underground mix tapes including 'No Comparisons' and 'The New Chapter' although she took a brief hiatus from the Microphone she returned with a well received Mixtape 'Big Trouble in Little London' as well as some Classic freestyles Including a Red hot F64 to say the least.
Nolay has recently been prepping her debut album with will definitely be one of the more Important releases as far a UK Street Lyricism is concerned.
The real beauty of it is Nolay makes It look effortless!


One of the most popular female MC's in the UK due to her No Nonsense Delivery and content.
Lioness burst onto the scene as part of the now defunct MasterMind Youth Team/ MasterMind Trooperz and with her brash straight to the point Lyricism and her comedic observations she soon became one of the most popular Female MC's in the Grime scene.
Lionesses workrate as well as Radio sets further proved her worth as well as setting the pace for many a female Grime MC in this male dominated game and although many imitators have come and gone,Lioness has stood the test of time releasing classic 'Lochness Monster' mixtape as well as a good run of Guest verses,Radio sets and her recent Documentary with Andy Canns and not forgetting her scene shaking 'All Black Winterness' which served as a reminder of who's running the Show.
Look out for 'Roar Ness' which will be dropping soon.


One of the most musically gifted females in the UK as well as one of the most innovative (She's the Only person in the UK I have ever seen Rapping and Playing Piano at the same time)
Baby Blue was Introduced to the world as Estelles protege on the now classic UK Rap track '1980' and having recorded with a Majority of the UK Greats as well as US artists Baby Blue is definitely UK Rap royalty.
Baby Blues attention to detail and her well crafted Lyricism and content,with the ability to Tell stories and convey real life emotion through her words is her main strength but its her ability to flip things with equal efficiency that truly separates her from the pack (This was recently displayed on her west wood freestyle with her Murking a Grime Instrumental to shreds) and that's not forgetting the fact that like a few others she can actually really sing and well.
All in all with her recent releases 'Double Up' 'Paper Haters' and 'Paper Haters 2' Her forthcoming Debut is going to be a Problem!


Mz Bratt has been putting in work in the Grime scene for a minute and has released mixtapes,Clashed done Radio sets and recorded tracks with Grime heavyweights Wiley & Terror Danjah,as well as possessing a commercial appeal and working with Taio Cruz and Sadie Ama.
This has served as a good warm up as Its Mz Bratt's recent solo tracks which has garnered her a new army of followers with strong releases like 'Selecta','who do you think you are' and the extremely addictive 'Get Dark' which have made her debut album one of the most anticipated and hopefully it should see her reach a higher platform as she has the potential to do well.


Birmingham's Lady Leshurr came to the scenes attention with a very hard F64 and smashed every freestyle as well as guest spot and found herself acting in the now infamous 'One day the movie' along side a host of Birmingham Artists after which the '0121 am' mixtape.
The '0121 am' mixtape was well received and solidified her as one of the next young Female contenders in the UK Grime scene as well Her ability to jump on just about any type of instrumental and get it popping.
Her live performances at various festivals last summer further proved that she is definitely an emerging star and can hold her own on the Microphone having recorded tracks with the likes of P Money,Lioness,Dot Rotten,Tinie Tempah and many more.
This year saw the release of the 'L Day' Mixtape which proved she's here to stay and with her show casing her ability to MC,Rap,Sing,Dance and Act.
She's guaranteed success.

7. A.DOT

Still relatively a newcomer,Amplify Dot is probably one of the biggest,brightest and loudest and has one of the most endearing personalities in the Game and its not difficult to see how she received a major co sign from The Legendary Missy Elliot as manages to really channel all these elements of her personality firmly into her Music and live shows.
If you have had the oppertunity of seeing her perform live such as at her show at I Luv Live you will know how much energy she puts into her show as well as Destroying Freestyles with her mix of Ragga and Hip Hop.
A.Dot possess a delivery which can be tailored to suit just about any instrumental as was evident on her Scene stealing verse on The 'Game over' (Female Takeover Remix) and with tracks such as 'Born Ready' 'Take me' and 'The Rain' with Ice kid and Cherise
Currently prepping her new mixtape and forthcoming Album Amplify Dot is one to watch!


Repping for the Sexy and empowered side of Females in the UK,Shimmer Baby has broken through with her provocative images and her Razor sharp lyrics and delivery and in a world where males dominate and a lot of Females try competing with the Males in terms of toughness and image Shimmer has done the complete opposite and brings a lot of fun to the table with her alter Egos and characters which work well on stage and have seen her fanbase (which is extremely diverse) rise but don't get it twisted,Shimmer is a lyrical beast who can hold her own against the best of them as well as a shrewd business woman.
Currently finishing off her as yet untitled E.P as well as her Debut Album expect nothing big things from Shimmer this year.


Nottingham's first Lady Pariz 1 is one of the rare female veterans of the UK Rap game that still remain relevant in having come into the game as a member of Street Dreams and has recorded tracks with Most of the Games top Artists as well as a few over seas Atists as well as toured everywhere and warmed up for some of the Biggest names in Rap.
Although she hasn't received commercial success she has opened doors for a lot of Females in the UK as well as her Charity and Youth Work which she continually does out of the Kindness of her heart.
Recently Pariz 1 has been featured on tracks with So Solids Swiss,Black the Ripper,Charlie Sloth as well as Mafiella and Queen Ice Cream and should be dropping a new mixtape soon.


2 thirds of 1UP EMPIRE,North West London's Mafiella and Queen Ice Cream bring a certain Rawness and Street sensibility to their brand of UK Rap as well as constantly delivering Hard Rhymes with a Boss Bitch attitude.
The Diva Twins as they are also Known burst onto the scene with the video to their Hard in the paint Freestyle off the 'Winter Grind Mixtape' which let the UK know that they had arrived and the Game was going to change as these two have managed to go just as hard as the Guys whilst maintaining their femininity as well as a taste for the finer things in life.
Look out for the forth coming 1UP Empire mixtape coming soon as well as a lot more from the Divas.

Honourable Mentions 

Ones to watch (in no particular order)

1.Courtney Kaching
2. Kidtaztic
3. Miss Fortune
4. Ruff Diamonds
8. Miski
9.Cherrie V
10.Lexi & Emshay

Missing in action (where are they now?)

1.Lady soverign
2.Naila Boss
5. Lady Fury


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